◆Information for foreign tourists◆

投稿日時:2018/09/12  カテゴリー名:ブログ

Kansai International Airport has resumed part of its operations, including some international flights.

The train services from the airport to Osaka will not resume until late September, but the direct ferry service to Kobe is in normal operations every day.
Moreover, foreign tourists are invited to take a ferry for a fare of ¥500, greatly reduced from the normal fare of ¥1,850.
Please take this opportunity to visit Kobe.

You can make a reservation for the ferry on the web but the discount is not available if you pay by card online.
We recommend only reserving the seats online and paying at the ferry boarding area.
For details relating to the ferry please check the following official page.


And, please consult the following directions from Kansai Airport to Sannomiya.


Additionally, the information entered here describes the situation as checked by our staff at the present time. Please understand that this is not official information.