For Anniversaries and Birthdays

On an extraordinary day for something special… A relaxing time with someone important to you… A quaint and elegant space with gorgeous food suited to your festivity… A birthday or an anniversary… the restaurant can be used for a variety of festive scenes.


“Thank you,” “Congratulations”…Express your gratitude to someone important

For those who visit our restaurant for an occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary, your dessert will be upgraded (additional cake) at no cost. You may add a message on it, so please let us know when making a reservation.

Please note that other guests may share the same counter with you, depending on the numbers and availability.

※Reservations are accepted until the day before your visit.

For Those Who Are Planning Business Dinners For Those Who Are Planning Business Dinners

For important occasions, such as business dinners or banquets, we provide organizers with support from behind to create precious moments for your guests.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or requests.

Courses Recommended for Business Dinners

A Combination of White Wine and Seasonal Vegetables Carefully Selected by the Vegetable Sommelier

Fresh Cuisines à la Carte

We offer selected foods à la carte, including some fine dishes such as foie gras and fresh abalone.

We offer fresh foods, savorily grilled on the iron plate, for you to enjoy at reasonable prices.

For Tourists.Enjoy A5 grade Top Kobe Beef in its Birthplace, Kobe.

Using only carefully-selected Kobe and Japanese Black Beef, we offer all foods under our unique principles, including seasonal vegetables selected by our vegetable sommelier and fresh seafood directly shipped from markets.

All Counter SeatsCarefully Selected Food Grilled Right in Front of You

A Kobe Beef Course Dinner

The restaurant is located in TORWEST, the fashion center of Kobe, and the Chinese character “彩”, drawn by the calligrapher Kawao Tomoko, welcomes you at the entrance.

The interior of the restaurant is simply made into a stylish space by a designer from Kobe, along with a fishpond and a wine cellar, adding special touches to create memorable moments for our guests.

For Families.For families with children, we can prepare table seats.



For small children, we recommend “Kid’s Plate” of a Hamburger Steak.Guests are allowed to enter the restaurant with a stroller, and we also have high chairs for your children. Safety is assured for your small children while dining by seating them at the end of the counter, where the iron plate is out of their reach.

Feel free to ask us if you prefer not to be seated at the iron-plate counter; we will then invite you to our table seats. Please inform us if you have a child who does not eat steaks; we can prepare a hamburger steak even during the dinner hours.

See our lunch courses here.

New Open!Kobe Beef Steak Sakura