Enjoy yourself in a Japanese space

Kobe, Chuo Ward, Shimoyamate. Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA, situated in the heart of Kobe, is perfectly located, just six minutes on foot from Sannomiya Station on the JR Kobe Line.
With lanterns decorating our entrance that evoke Japanese tradition, a calm atmosphere characteristic of Japanese taste, and an air of affluent sensitivities, our restaurant offers hospitality to our customers.
Harbor city Kobe, where traditional and modern Japanese cultures intersect. Our restaurant is immediately adjacent to Ikuta Shrine, which was built in the year 201 A.D.
Here you can enjoy the best Kobe beef as well as Japanese fusion teppanyaki.



We exclusively use grade A5 Kobe beef at our restaurant, the highest grade available. Only meat rated grade A4 and A5 by strict standards from cows (Tajima cattle) raised in Hyogo Prefecture is allowed to bear the name of "Kobe beef." The name "Kobe beef", which is synonymous with branded beef of the highest quality, has enchanted gourmets around the world.

Grand Menu

It is available to order at lunch as well as for dinner.

Lunch Course

The course that you can enjoy dishes using seasonal Japanese
ingredients and A5 grade marbled
Kobe-beef grilled shabu-shabu and steak.

・Wagyu beef loin80g
(tax excluded 9,350JPY)
・Wagyu beef loin160g
(tax excluded 12,650JPY)
Sakura zuki
・Wagyu beef fillet80g
(tax excluded 11,550JPY)
・Wagyu beef fillet160g
(tax excluded 15,950JPY)
Hana gasumi
・Wagyu beef
(tax excluded 15,400JPY)
・Wagyu beef
(tax excluded 20,900JPY)
Hana goromo
・Kobe beef loin80g
(tax excluded 16,500JPY)
・Kobe beef loin160g
(tax excluded 23,100JPY)
Yume mi gusa
・Kobe beef
special loin80g
(tax excluded 19,800JPY)
・Kobe beef
special loin160g
(tax excluded 29,700JPY)
Kobe beef chateaubriand80g
※with foie gras and
live abalone
※There is no setting
forthe 160g course.
(tax excluded 27,500JPY)

It is a course meal where together with grade A5 Kobe beef marbled rib roast yaki-shabu as well as
various kind of grade A5 steaks you can enjoy Japanese cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients.
(The courses have been divided by type of steak)

※Hana gasumi in a pair course. Please order by two people.
※The price displayed is service charge excluded(10%).


Hassun Platter
Welcoming you with a hassun platter on which the beauty of Japan's four distinctive seasons is served. Enjoy the quintessential Japanese culinary experience.


Savory Custard
Our restaurant's savory custard, steamed on a teppan plate. Enjoy the presence of the richness of soup stock, as well as its many visual surprises.


Combining fresh vegetables and meat in a simple, well balanced single dish.
Sliced Kobe beef is lightly baked on the teppan plate and wrapped around radish sprouts, with our homemade sukiyaki sauce bringing out the richness of the meat. If you like, please eat it with our egg yolk sauce.



Grilled Vegetables
You can fully enjoy the pure flavor of vegetables with domestic vegetables such as onions from Awaji Island, carefully selected by our specialist greengrocer and simply grilled with salt.
Main Meat Course
Our restaurant has prepared six kinds of meat. Naturally, there is Kobe beef, and next to that you can also choose from carefully selected Kuroge wagyu beef. We hope you will enjoy the epitome of teppanyaki, where the food is grilled in front of your eyes, with all your senses. Please eat it with wasabi, seaweed salt, and soy sauce.
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Earthenware Pot Rice
Japanese rice is said to be the best rice around the world as well. Using a Japanese traditional earthenware pot, we will cook that rice right in front of your eyes.


Minced Kobe Beef
Homemade minced meat with the concentrated flavor of Kobe beef. Please eat it together with earthenware pot rice.


Dessert and Matcha Green Tea
We hope you will enjoy matcha green tea together with a Japanese confection and a seasonal fruit platter. (We will serve a special dessert for our customers who are celebrating birthdays or commemorative days free of charge. Please make a request when you make your reservation.)

Lunch Course

Lunch Course

Reasonable courses for lunch time only. The course that you can enjoy dishes using seasonal Japanese ingredients and A5 grade marbled Kobe-beef grilled shabu-shabu and steak.


・Wagyu beef loin 80g
4,800JPY(tax excluded 5,280JPY)
・Wagyu beef loin 160g
7,800JPY(tax excluded 8,580JPY)


・Wagyu beef fillet 80g
6,800JPY(tax excluded 7,480JPY)
・Wagyu beef fillet 160g
10,800JPY(tax excluded 11,880JPY)


・Wagyu beef chateaubriand 80g
8,800JPY(tax excluded 9,680JPY)
・Wagyu beef chateaubriand 160g
13,800JPY(tax excluded 15,180JPY)

Sakura Fubuki

Kobe beef rare part 80g
8,000JPY(tax excluded 8,800JPY)

※There is no setting for the 160g course.

Hatsu zakura

・Kobe beef loin 80g
10,500JPY(tax excluded 11,550JPY)
・Kobe beef loin 160g
16,500JPY(tax excluded 18,150JPY)

Course Description

  • ・ Assorted 3 kind of"Hassun"
  • ・Japanese steamed egg custard ・salad
  • ・Grilled shabu-shabu of Wagyu beef
  • ・ Roasted vegetables
    (Steak 80g what you select)
  • ・Rice
  • ・Dark-brown-miso soup
  • ・Kobe-beef"Soboro"
  • ・ Matcha, Japanese green tea

A la carte

※The price displayed is service charge excluded(10%).

Live prawn
1,800JPY(tax excluded 1,980JPY)


Live prawn
1,800JPY(tax excluded 1,980JPY)
Wild-caught prawn
2,500JPY(tax excluded 2,750JPY)
3,500JPY(tax excluded 3,850JPY)
Live abalone
2,800JPY(tax excluded 3,080JPY)
(Minimum order of scallop is two)
1,100JPY(tax excluded 1,210JPY)


Foie gras
3,000JPY(tax excluded 3,300JPY)
Garlic rice
800JPY(tax excluded 880JPY)

Side menu

Assorted 5 kind of "Hassun"
1,500JPY(tax excluded 1,650JPY)
Japnese steamed egg custard
600JPY(tax excluded 660JPY)
450JPY(tax excluded 495JPY)
Roasted vegetables
800JPY(tax excluded 880JPY)
Rice cooked by japanese clay pot(for 2persons)
1,500JPY(tax excluded 1,650JPY)
300JPY(tax excluded 330JPY)
Dark-brown-miso soup
300JPY(tax excluded 330JPY)
500JPY(tax excluded 550JPY)
Live abalone
2,800JPY(tax excluded 3,080JPY)


Please select steak or habu-shabu below for who wants beef only.

Grilled steak

Wagyu beef loin steak 80g
4,000JPY(tax excluded 4,400JPY)
Wagyu beef fillet steak 80g
5,000JPY(tax excluded 5,500JPY)
Dry aged Kobe beef round steak 100g
5,000JPY(tax excluded 5,500JPY)
Kobe beef rare part steak 80g
6,500JPY(tax excluded 7,150JPY)
Kobe beef loin steak 80g
9,000JPY(tax excluded 9,900JPY)
Wagyu beef chateaubriand steak 160g
18,000JPY(tax excluded 19,800JPY)
Kobe beef special loin steak 80g
13,000JPY(tax excluded 14,300JPY)
Kobe beef chateaubriand steak 160g
30,000JPY(tax excluded 33,000JPY)

Grilled shabu shabu

Wagyu beef loin
3,000JPY(tax excluded 3,300JPY)
Kobe beef loin
5,000JPY(tax excluded 5,500JPY)


service charge excluded(10%).



Draft beer
650JPY(tax excluded 715JPY)
Bottle beer
650JPY(tax excluded 715JPY)
Alcohol-free beer
500JPY(tax excluded 550JPY)


Red wine(Spain)
650JPY(tax excluded 715JPY)
White wine(Spain)
650JPY(tax excluded 715JPY)


700JPY(tax excluded 770JPY)
1,000JPY(tax excluded 1,100JPY)
Japanese plum liquor
700JPY(tax excluded 770JPY)


Barley Shochu
600JPY(tax excluded 660JPY)
Sweet Potate Shochu
600JPY(tax excluded 660JPY)


Shandy Gaff
700JPY(tax excluded 770JPY)
Shirley Temple
700JPY(tax excluded 770JPY)
700JPY(tax excluded 770JPY)

[with soda・with orange・with oolong tea]


Ginger ale
Orange juice
Oolong tea
Carbonated water
450JPY(tax excluded 495JPY)

White Wine

Clos Montblanc Castell Macabeo Chardonnay
・Spain Catalonia
3,300JPY(tax excluded 3,630JPY)
Edelzwicker Terroir des Chateaux Forts
・France Alsace・Auxerrois/Gewurztraminer
Riesling/Pinot Gris
4,500JPY(tax excluded 4,950JPY)
Beaune Premier Cru Beaune du Chateau Blanc
Domaine Bouchard Pere et Fils
・France Bourgogne
8,000JPY(tax excluded 8,800JPY)

Red Wine

Clos Montblanc Castell Tempranillo
・Spain Catalonia (medium-bodied)
・Tempranillo/Cabemet Sauvignon
3,300JPY(tax excluded 3,630JPY)
Govemo All`Uso Toscana
・Italia Toscana (full-bodied)
・Sangiovese/Merlot/Cabemet Sauvignon/sYrah
4,800JPY(tax excluded 5,280JPY)
・France Bordeaux (full-bodie)
7,000JPY(tax excluded 7,700JPY)
Beringer Vineyards Knights Valley Cabemet Sauvignon
・USA California (full-bodied)
・Cabemet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc/Merlot
7,500JPY(tax excluded 8,250JPY)
Gevrey Chambertin Bouchard Pere&Fils ・France Bourgogne (full-bodied) ・Pinot Noir
9,400JPY(tax excluded 10,340JPY)


Drappier Champagne"Carte D`or Brut"
・France Champagne・Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier
8,800JPY(tax excluded 9,680JPY)


Restaurant name
Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA
2F, Lion Building Sannomiya-kan. 2-17-10 Shimoyamatedori Chuo-ku Kobe-city, Hyogo
Phone number
How to get here
Kobe Municipal Subway Seishin & Yamanote Lines: three minutes on foot from Sannomiya Station
JR Tokaido Main Line: six minutes on foot from Sannomiya Station
Hankyu Railway Kobe Line: six minutes on foot from Kobe Sannomiya Station
Business hours
11:30 - 15:00 (time for last entry: 14:00)
17:00 - 23:00 (time for last entry: 21:00)
Days closed
Irregular holidays (closed on December 31st and January 1st)
Credit cards
Accepted (JCB, AMEX, Visa, Diners Club, Mastercard, UC, DC, UnionPay)
Exclusive restaurant reservations