We invite you to enjoy halal Kobe beef, teppanyaki style.


Visit our restaurant for halal-certified steak and other teppanyaki choices in Sannomiya. A great choice while sightseeing! The ingredients and seasonings used at Kobe Beef Steak Sakura in Sannomiya are halal-certified. We offer courses with meat dishes specially prepared for the enjoyment of our Muslim guests. Our place is a great choice while sightseeing. We prepare meals in front of guests on the countertop teppan iron grill.

We use exclusive, halal-only teppan grills for our halal menu items.

We prepare our halal courses and menu items using exclusive, halal-only teppan grills. For our halal menu, we use exclusive, halal-only tableware and cooking utensils such as knives and forks, to ensure our Muslim guests can dine with peace of mind. In addition to the exclusive teppan grills, we use halal-only Teflon sheets.



【Halal accommodation at our restaurant】


  • ・Our halal menu and our regular menu include no pork.
  • Our restaurant uses no pork or pork-derived ingredients.
  • ・We use exclusive, halal-only tableware for our halal menu items.
  • We also use exclusive, halal-only cooking utensils and teppan grills for our halal menu items.
  • ・All of the Kobe beef and Kuroge Wagyu beef that we serve is halal-certified.
  • ・We use no alcohol in our halal menu items.
  • ・We use halal-certified seasonings in our halal menu items.

Halal Kobe beef
Halal Kuroge Wagyu beef steak

※The price displayed is service charge excluded(10%).

We purchase halal Kobe beef by the head to offer a wide range of cuts. Guests can select particularly rare and valuable cuts of chateaubriand, fillet, sirloin, and rib roast. We offer other cuts at reasonable prices in four grades: prime, premium, standard, and thin-sliced. Thin-sliced consists of slightly tougher cuts of steak, thinly sliced and served at a special low price. We request that you order with that understanding.


The steak menu items above are available as a course for an additional ¥1,500. Course content:
Salad, grilled vegetables, rice cooked in earthen pot, miso soup, matcha, dessert


À la carte

Seafood teppan grill dishes

Live prawn
1,800JPY(tax excluded 1,980JPY)
Wild-caught prawn
2,500JPY(tax excluded 2,750JPY)
3,500JPY(tax excluded 3,850JPY)
Live abalone
2,800JPY(tax excluded 3,080JPY)
(Minimum order of scallop is two)
1,100JPY(tax excluded 1,210JPY)

※The price displayed is service charge excluded(10%).